FLORIDA CITRUS farming has been our family’s legacy SINCE 1927.

Our great grandfather began our family’s journey in 1910, when he founded Noble Citrus. Then by 1927 he established our family’s legacy, The Noble Citrus Groves, better yet The Roe Tangerine Groves. He always believed that Florida Tangerines were the “KING OF CITRUS” or as he called it, the most Noble of Citrus…hence our name.

He knew that Florida Tangerines had always been the best tasting, sweetest and juiciest citrus when compared to any other citrus in the US or better yet around the world, but he wanted to ensure that the Noble Tangerine was always the highest quality and best tasting, so he began perfecting the art of growing.

His passion for innovation and his love for Florida Tangerines, still holds true to this day with our Famiy’s Fourth Generation.  We still believe and strive to grow the best tasting, sweetest, and juiciest Florida Tangerines, Pummelos, and Oranges each and every day, staying true to our great Grandfather’s mission and passion of innovation.


Our Family still believes passionately, just as our great Grandfather did, in innovation and the art of growing the most premium Florida Citrus.


To grow the most premium Florida Tangerines, Pummelos, and Oranges with the best well-defined flavors, the sweetest complexity, and the most satisfying texture.