Juice Processing

Fruit Preprocessing

The key to a delicious juice is treating the fruit well before it is juiced. We perform a visual inspection on delivered fruit immediately and, on approval, normally process the fruit within 24 hours. Our three-stage mechanical system allows the fruit to roll gently from the bin onto the processing line, unlike the damaging “bulk bin” system used by most Florida processors.

Trained graders then inspect each piece of citrus. Our ratio of graders to fruit volume is one of the highest in the industry. In addition, our food-safety process is HACCP-certified and our facility is certified organic by the EU, USDA, and Oregon Tilth and certified Kosher by Circle U.


We operate five FMC citrus juice extractors with a daily production capacity of approximately 8,000 field boxes. Our “soft squeeze” extraction configuration reduces off-flavors in the juice. Our system gently pasteurizes the juice in order to preserve shelf life while maintaining the delicate flavors in the juice.

We separate fruit on a load-by-load basis to easily create custom blends. Unlike processors who store juice in million-gallon tanks, our lots are identified by distinctive fruit or varietal characteristics so our average size lot is just a few thousand gallons. We ship the juice to customers immediately or freeze for future shipment.


We have a complete cold-fill beverage packaging line capable of filling a wide range of sizes and styles, from eight ounce up to one gallon containers. Our specialized packaging abilities and our specialized processing and blending expertise enable us to fulfill a wide range of custom beverage needs, including citrus, blends, and other juice or beverage products.

We also blow bottles from plant-based PLA or PET and have significant experience with eco-friendly packaging.

Other Services

We store our juices in food grade drums with poly liners and immediately place them in sub-zero temperature warehouses.

We also can remove bitter limonin and naringin from juice with our state-of-the-art debittering system, as well as extract and sell peel oils from different citrus varieties.