The purest part of what we do is in the farming.
Farming citrus is a detailed business. You can get everything right, but in the end, nature is still in control. For nearly a century, the Roe family has been working to perfect the art of growing fresh from Florida fruit. From the land they choose to plant to the type of tree they grow, there are a million touch points that go into achieving the delicate, sweet balance of citrus. The mission is to grow fruit that produces well-defined flavors, sweet complexity and a satisfying texture all neatly packaged as the highest quality fruit.

The Roe Citrus Grove was first established in 1927. The original crop planted was Dancey Tangerines. Over the years the acreage increased, as well as the varieties grown. In an effort to adapt to the weather patterns, unexpected diseases and increasing competition, the Roe brothers began to differentiate the varieties by cultivating a rich research and development department. The last twenty years have been successful in breeding new varieties of tangerines and introducing them to market. Today between our fresh citrus and pure juice we handle the fruit off of 4,000 acres. At Noble, care, passion and quality go into each and every detail of our craft.